Monday, February 22, 2010

Nixon Has Made Her Debut!!!!

After 30.5 hours of labor, or family has finally been blessed with Nixon's arrival!!!! Nixon Sommer Peters was born February 11, 2010 at 8:28pm. She weighed 7 pounds 1 oz and was healthy, beautiful and absolutely PERFECT!

Everyone has always told me, or tried to explain the feeling of becoming a mother for the first time. Words can't even describe the feeling of becoming a mother to a precious miracle! I have never felt so much love for someone! My mom and Mike keep laughing at me because I can't stop staring at how beautiful and perfect she is!

Many have wanted to hear the story of the labor so here it goes......

Monday, February 8th I went into the doctor for a regular check up. My blood pressure had been slowly creeping up during the pregnancy, and my doctor was getting concerned that I was developing preclampsia. When I went in that Monday, my blood pressure was the highest it had been and my doctor decided to schedule my induction for 10pm on Wednesday 2/10. However, I went into labor on my own Wednesday at 2:00pm.

When we went into the hospital that evening, the doctor decided to hold off on the Potocin until the morning and let nature take its course. The next morning (2/11) at 7:00am, the doctor checked me and I was still only dilated to 3 cm, so I was hooked up to the Potocin to "speed" things along. However, it did NOT speed up anything!

When the nurse came in at 1 pm to check how far along I was at that time, I was still only at 4 cm. She told me that she could feel scar tissue from my previous surgery and that was causing my cervix to not dilate the way it was suppose to. Therefore, it was taking a LONG time. However, I was bound and determined to NOT get the epidural and that I was doing fine at this point without it.

When 3pm rolled around and I was still at 4 cm, the labor was getting REALLY bad and I was starting to get exhausted. I still was not giving into the epidural, so the nurse put me in a labor spa for an hour. It definitely helped a little bit and was much more relaxing.

When the nurse checked me at 5:30 I was finally making progress and was now at 6 cm. The pain was REALLY bad at this point and I was so thankful that I had Mike and my mom there rubbing my back and coaching me through the pain. I was trying all different positions and anything that the nurses were telling me to alleviate the pain as much as I could. And still....No epidural.

Finally at about 7:30, I was dilated to 9 cm and I was starting to feel the urge to push. When the nurse checked me, she told me that it was going to be very soon and she was going to get the doctor. I was extremely excited and scared all at the same time. I was doing this all natural and I was terrified that pushing Nixon out was going to hurt worse than the labor. And at this point I couldn't take any more!

When the doctor came in at 8:00pm and was telling me to push, I was pleasantly surprised to find that delivery actually felt really good compared to the labor! Nixon was being very cooperative as well and I only had to push for 28 minutes. Finally at 8:28pm, my baby girl was here! She was absolutely perfect! Words cannot express the happiness and love that I immediately felt when looking at my beautiful daughter. Everyone keeps saying that I was crazy for not getting the epidural and they ask if I would do it like that again.....All I can say is I wouldn't change a thing and that Nixon was worth ever second of it!