Thursday, April 3, 2008

Puerto Rico!!!!

We just got back from an amazing trip in Puerto Rico! It was absolutely beautiful and DEFINITELY needed for both Mike and I! :) We started out the trip with Chase Bank....that's right, we actually went there for work! Chase sent me and a guest (Mike) to Puerto Rico for being in the top 10% of branch managers! Everything was paid for....our flight, our hotel, the excursions and our food. The bank trip was only til March 30th, but Mike and I decided to take advantage of the free flight and extend our stay!

For our excursions, we chose to Deep Sea Fish and Catamaran Snorkel. The snorkeling was awesome, but the Deep Sea Fishing...Not so much!!!! In fact, everyone needs to ask Mike how he did on the boat....HILARIOUS story. (Hint: He now knows the meaning of motion sickness!!!!) Here is a picture on the Fishing Boat and of the Baracuda that was caught!

The remaider of the Puerto Rican trip was done with the two of us hanging out and shopping around. We ended up meeting up with a couple of co-workers that exteneded the trip as well. We shopped in San Juan and visited the spot where Pina Colada's were invented! :) It was SOOOOO much fun and we didn't want to come home!