Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nixon is 2 Months Old!!!!

Nixon is 2 months old and I can't get enough of her! Motherhood is the most wonderful and rewarding experience I have ever had! Each day my love grows stronger and stronger! And along with my love, the amount of pictures I take of my baby girl keeps growing more and more!

The other day I went to develop pictures that I have taken of my baby girl. When I went to pick them up, I had TWO HUGE stacks and realized that there were over 180 pictures! And the majority of the pictures are just her being cute! And that is when I realized that I might need to tone it down a bit with the camera and maybe start taking pictures with her and other things! :) However, I will say, that it's easier said than done! Every face she makes, every move she makes, I want to make sure that I capture it so that I can remember it forever!

She is my everything. And like I said before, I can't get enough of her!!!!

Nixon's First Easter!

I know that Nixon is a baby and she has no idea what an Easter basket is or what it entails, but Mike and I wanted to make her first Easter special!

When Nixon woke up Easter morning, I fed her, bathed her and the introduced her to her Easter basket! The Easter bunny had filled it up with wrist rattles, hand mittens, Disney's "Up" and the book "Love your Forever". We took a couple pictures with it and had her wearing a little cap that my Tia Rose Castillo knitted for her! :)

That afternoon Nixon spent her first Easter dinner with her parents, Grandpa & Grandma Peters, Great Uncle Mike & Great Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Ashlee & Uncle Ammon. Nixon was extremely happy and content the entire day! We couldn't ask for a better First Easter for Nixon! :)

Nixon Meets the Family!!!!

The last week of March, Nixon met a lot of her extended family. Since she was getting blessed, we had lots of family travel in from everywhere! It was so nice and fun to see everyone meet Nixon for the first time. And I do believe she has almost everyone of them wrapped around her finger already! Here is just a few pictures of Nixon getting LOVES from everyone! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nixon's Baby Blessing

I have been looking forward to Nixon's blessing since the moment I laid eyes on her blessing dress that my Grandma Gutierrez made for her (this was when I was still pregnant)! It was the most beautiful dress and although I had not seen my baby girl yet, I knew that it was perfect and that she would look so beautiful in it! Just like I knew, Nixon looked so perfect! Words cannot describe how I felt! She was so pure and beautiful, and AGAIN, I couldn't stop staring at her!

Many people traveled LONG distances to be at Nixon's baby blessing. I was so happy and thankful that so many were able to come. They made the day perfect. Nixon was blessed by her Grandpa Sommer on March 28, 2010. My dad, Nixon's grandpa, gave the most beautiful blessing. He was joined by Grandpa Mack, Uncle Ammon, Uncle Kimball, Uncle Dustin, Matt Llewellyn, Gary Freeman, and Jeff Skousen.

After the baby blessing, we went over to Denise and Gary Freeman's home to have the luncheon. Again everything was perfect and everyone was having a good time. Again, I am so thanful that everyone was able to come and make this day so special. It meant the world to us and I know that once Nixon is old enough, she will also appreciate everything.