Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Two Year Anniversary! XOXO!!!

Mike and I celebrated our Two Year Anniversary on March 2nd! We did not do anything extravagant this year because we have been so busy with work and being out of town for friends and family. Because of this, Mike and I both took that Monday off of work to just spend the day together. It started out with me making him breakfast in bed, then we ran a couple errands and ended the day off with his parents taking us to dinner. It was perfect and I wouldn't have changed one minute of it!

I can't believe how fast time flies by! It seems like just yesterday that I was walking down the isle towards him. It has been an amazing two years and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I am so thankful that I have Mike in my life. He is my best friend and my rock. I love you, honey!!!

~Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties~

Our good friends, Ramey Peru & Lindsey Lewis are getting married on April 4th. Watching them plan the wedding has been fun, but celebrating their last month of single-hood has been the best part of the engagement!

Ramey had his Bachelor Party in San Fransisco the weekend of February 28th. Mike was really excited to go because he has never been to San Fransisco before, and I was jealous because I haven't been there either! Because I have never been there, I had a few requests to make. I wanted a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge & a picture of Lombardi Street. He wasn't able to full-fill both request, but he did bring back a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge!

While Mike was in San Fransisco, he also went on an Alcatraz Tour. I thought it would be really neat, but he said that he wasn't that impressed. Yes, he said that it was cool to see, but the tour got a little boring towards the end. HOWEVER, when Mike and I do make it to San Fransisco, he will just have to suffer through another tour, because I REALLY want to go see it as well! :)

As for Lindsey's Bachelorette Party.... She had her party in Scottsdale on March 7th. Although we did not venture out of Arizona, we still had TONS of fun. We got a room at a hotel where we lounged at the pool for most of the day. Then we started out the night at Pink Taco where we had dinner. From there we went out to a couple different clubs to dance and give Lindsey a good night! The night ended at the hotel where I fell asleep VERY quickly. I don't know if its the age thing, but I just can't stay up like I use to! :)

Mike and I both had a great time with our friends and we wish both Ramey and Lindsey the very best as they are soon-to-be "Mr. & Mrs. Peru"!