Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Mike and I started our Easter celebration on Friday Night. We went on a double date with our good friends Matt, Holly, and Baby Neils! We went to the Easter Pageant at the Temple and then went out for ice cream. Mike had never been to the Easter Pageant, so we had to make sure that we sat up front. We totally lucked out and got really good seats, with the exception of a REALLY loud family in front of us. :)

Newest Edition to our Family!!!!!

Meet Mayhem!!! Since everyone around us is starting a family, Mike and I decided to add on to ours! :) We just got Mayhem a week ago and we absolutely love him! He is the cutest thing and has the funnest personality. (We think he's really cute until he goes to the bathroom in the house or chews up Mike's cell phone charger!) Yes, he is definitely a puppy and he is helping us with our patience! I figure once we master the training stage with the dog, we can move on to bigger maybe a baby! :) But for now, Mayhem is the baby of our house!

Renaissance Festival

Yes, we ventured to the Renaissance Festival last week. We enjoyed a couple shows, waxed our hands, ate TONS of food, and actually rode an elephant! You can't really tell in the picture, but that is exactly what we are sitting on. We had lots of fun! :)