Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Exciting News!

So MANY of you know that Mike and I have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years now! We have done MANY tests, fertility drugs, surgery, shots, you name it and it wasn't working. Finally the doctor sent us to a fertility clinic where we tried artificial insemination. The first time didn't work, but the second time was successful!

With that, Mike and I are please to announce that we are FINALLY expecting! We have never been so happy and can't believe that it has finally happened for us! We are currently 11 1/2 weeks along. We went to the doctor's office today and got an ultrasound and heard the heart beat. Our little Bundle of Joy decided to show off today and swim around for us as well! It was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen and heard!

As for the pregnancy, I have been EXTREMELY lucky! I haven't been sick at all! The only symptoms that I have experienced is being completely EXHAUSTED! And luckily I am starting to get my energy back from that! As for the baby, the doctor said that everything looks great and sounds great!

We wanted to let everyone know our exciting news and thank everyone for being supportive! We thank Heavenly Father everyday for blessing us with such an amazing gift! We will keep everyone updated as we experience this amazing journey! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Trip to Missouri

Everyone that knows me, knows that I am completely attached to my mother! We are very close and I have always lived within driving distance of her. So you can imagine how upset I was when the day came that my step-dad, Steve got a job offer in Missouri and moved my mom and youngest brother to Columbia, MO. Now, don't get me wrong, I was very happy and grateful that Steve was able to find such a great opportunity, but I wasn't too crazy about the idea of them being SOOOOO far away!

With that said, the day that I knew exactly when they were leaving, I booked a plane ticket to go visit them with Ty's Best Friend, Jon. (Mike couldn't get off work and I was sad that he wasn't able to make it!) Yes, they hadn't even moved yet, and I already had a ticket! But it was a VERY GOOD thing that I had because it would have been A LOT harder saying goodbye!

Visiting my family in Missouri was a lot of fun. The day we arrived we went to the famous St. Louis Arch and took an elevator to the VERY top! It was definitely an experience and I now understand why people DO NOT like heights! But even though it was scary, it was A LOT of fun.

The second day we were there, Steve got us all tickets to the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game. We had amazing seats and we were surrounded by avid Cardinal's fans. So needless to say, they weren't too happy when they heard us screaming "Go DBACKS"! Again, we had SO much fun!

The rest of the week was spent at my parents house relaxing! We went and took a look at a couple of hiking trails, went to the movies, and got mani's and pedi's! It was the perfect vacation, with the exception of missing my husband! But next time he will be with us to see how beautiful Missouri really is!

Our New Family! :)

WOW......So far Mike and I have had a BUSY summer! We had 3 weddings, 2 bridal showers, and 6 baby showers all in a matter of 2 months. Not to mention moving into a new home and watching my Mom, Steve, & Ty move half way around the United States! So with that I will try and fill in the gaps from when I left off in April.

As I said earlier, April and May were filled with LOTS of celebrations. One of them brought a new addition to the Sommer family. Yup, my dad tied the knot and I couldn't be happier! Carolyn and My Dad were married June 2nd. Mike and I were able to take some time off of work and go see them and actually MEET my new Step-Mom. She is so nice, and I am so happy to see my dad with such a big smile on his face! We are so happy to have her in the family and we wish them the very best! We love you!!!!