Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let's Go Phoenix Suns!

On Wednesday night Mike was able to get hooked up with tickets to the Phoenix Suns Pre-Season Game. I was really excited because I had never been to a game before.
When we got to the arena, the tickets were waiting for us along with another surpise...we got hooked up with "back-stage" tickets after the game too!

Our seats were also pretty good, we were sitting lower level and the game was easier to watch since we were so close. Mike and I left a couple of minutes before the game ended so that we could go to the Team Store and get something to autograph. Once we found a little basketball, Mike and I headed toward the Suns' locker room!

We saw all of the players! And let me tell you that Shaquil O'Neal is freaking huge! I felt so short standing there by them. Mike was looking forward to seeing Steve Nash the most, so when Nash came out, Mike got his autograph and a picture! For my first time at a Phoenix Suns' basketball game, it was awesome!

Here Kitty, Kitty!

About a week and a half ago at work I decided to go to lunch. As I walked out of the doors of the bank I heard a little kitten crying in the bush. The kitty was the littlest thing I have ever seen and I thought the mother would be somewhere around. I kept looking for the mama cat and couldn't find her. I couldn't leave the kitten outside by itself, you could tell that she was really scared, so I brought her into the bank. No one at the bank wanted her and I couldn't just let her go outside. So I called Mike and he told me to bring her home!

I first took Kitty (that is what we are calling her until we decide if we are keeping her or not) to the vet. I didn't want to bring her home if she had anything wrong with her. The vet weighed her and she didn't even weigh a pound! He also said that she was probably only 4 weeks old, if even that. After we found out the Kitty was healthy I brought her home and introduced her to Mayhem.

Mayhem has definitely been curious of Kitty and loves to play with her. But we have to remind him to be more gentle....he tends to get a little rough with her. But Kitty seems to like Mayhem too! I'm starting to really get attached and now have to convince Mike to keep Kitty!