Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!!

Mike and I had a VERY busy Christmas Holiday season! We had been planning the entire year to go up and see my dad in Idaho for Christmas, and at the same time try and fit in my mom and family along with Mike's parents and family! But it took a lot of planning and a little stress!

Mike and I asked the doctor as soon as we found out we were expecting if I was going to be able to get on an airplane. He said that "it should be ok" but he wouldn't know until it got closer. So every doctor's appointment I would ask the same question.... How is it looking for Christmas? :) In November, he told me that it should be fine but he would be doing an actual physical test a couple days before we left. If I was dilated at all, he didn't want me going. However, Mike and I felt confident and bought out NON-REFUNDABLE tickets anyway.

As Christmas started to get closer, we started getting anxious and I started to get really nervous about being dilated. I felt good up until about 2 weeks before my appointment, and it was then that I started getting really achy and uncomfortable. So I knew that I was going to be getting good/bad news!

Tuesday December 22nd was my appointment. I walked in with Mike TRYING to be optimistic. It was a bitter sweet feeling because I wanted to see my dad for Christmas so badly, but at the same time if I was dilated I knew that we would be getting to see Nixon very soon! So I was anxiously waiting. As expected, when the doctor checked me, I was dilated to 1 cm. He looked at me and said that he wasn't sure he would let me go and I instantly got tears in my eyes. He knew that I was looking forward to this, so he decided to do an ultrasound to see if I was thinning. After the ultrasound, not only did I get GREAT news about being able to see my dad on Christmas, but we also got the BEST gift by getting to see our daughter's face for the first time! It was one of the best days we have had so far....that is until she actually gets here!

So with that, we spent Christmas Eve with my mom, Steve, Ashlee, Ammon & Ty in Tucson with family friends. Christmas morning we drove back to Scottsdale to spend Christmas afternoon with Mike's parents and family. Then Christmas evening we boarded the plane to spend Christmas night with my dad & Carolyn! It may have been an EXTREMELY busy and nerve wracking holiday, but it was one of the best one's we have had together since we have been married!

Nixon's Nursery Is Complete!

With the Holidays and getting ready for the baby, I haven't been the best blogger! However, I am going to be changing very soon because I want to make sure that I am updating everyone on our little family!

The most recent event in our household is finishing up Nixon's nursery before she gets here....And everyone, including the doctors think she will be coming soon! For months we only had her furniture in the room and the walls were VERY bare! However, I figured since I had time off I would finish it up and get everything organized....I believe they call it "nesting" and I've been nesting BIG time!!!!

Mike and I picked out the color scheme of pink, sage and brown after we looked at all of the bedding. Mike wasn't the biggest fan of the pink, but he did like what we chose. Next was trying to get all the decorations up! We LOVE her name so we figured we would post it up in a couple different places.

You can't see it too well in this picture, but above her dresser/ changing table is her full name in 3 plexiglass frames....Nixon Sommer Peters. Underneath the frames is a mirror that we placed a vinyl lettering saying. It says "The nearest thing to Heaven is a Child" I absolutely love the way it all turned out!

The next part was trying to figure out what was going to go by her crib. I had seen many of my friends and family paint the name and hang it on the wall, so I decided to go with this as well. I found some fun letters and painted them pink and hung them with the sage bows. On the other wall I decided that I would just hang her comforter that came with the bedding. It was too thick of a blanket to place in her crib, but at the same time, it was too pretty to hide in the closet! So I figured we would display it and use it as decoration! :)

Lastly was the wall with the windows and glider..... now it doesn't look like too much now, but it will in about a month. This is the only thing that hasn't been finished. On Sunday, Mike and I will be going to go take professional Prenatal "Belly" Pictures. I thought that it would look really cute it there was a picture of Nixon's "mommy" and "daddy" with her in my tummy. So above the glider will be an 11 x 14 sepia picture of Mike and I with Nixon in my tummy. Those pictures will definitely get posted as soon as we get them back! :)

And there you have it.... our baby girl's room is complete and we are definitely ready for her to come!!!!! Only 41 more days til my due date and who knows, hopefully she will come a little sooner than later!