Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tis' the Season!

I generally do not like anything Christmas before Thanksgiving. (We need to get through one holiday before we start the other!) But this year feels a little different.

We are all seeing the effects that our economy is having on everyone and everything. Friends, family, people at work, and Mike and I have been starting to watch our spending a little more. I have been hearing "Bah Hum-Bug" A LOT at work and when walking through stores where Christmas is being commercialized. At first I was in the same boat. Mike and I have to be very careful this Christmas and it has made me a little sad. My favorite part of Christmas is buying for others and seeing their faces when I give it to them! But then I had a reality check.

Every year it seems like Christmas is getting further and further away from its real meaning. People have been concentrating on the gifts, the trees, the decorations, the holiday movies more and more. Because of this everyone around us is not happy with the season this year. That is why I believe that this is the perfect year to bring Christ back into Christmas. He is our one true Savior that brings comfort to our hearts. We may not have money to celebrate Christmas, but it does not cost a penny to celebrate our Savior's Birth.

Because of these thoughts and feelings, I have been in the Christmas spirit more and earlier this year than I have in years. I am so grateful to have the faith and wisdom to bring me such comfort during these hard times.

Its not about the presents, its about Jesus Christ and the gift our Heavenly Father gave us when sending him to earth. With this Mike and I are wishing all of our Friends and Family a very Happy Holiday!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its Mayhem & Chaos at the Peters....LITERALLY!

So I don't know if we told you that we decided to keep the Kitty! I was so excited because I was getting really attached to him! And the Kitty now has a name.....CHAOS! I know, I know, people think we are crazy for naming our pets Mayhem and Chaos! Their names fit them SOOOOO well though!

Chaos has adjusted really well to our home and Mayhem now has a little play buddy! We are trying to teach Mayhem to be a little bit more gentle, but I think its close to impossible. He loves to play with Chaos and gets a little out of control.

Mayhem's favorite thing to do with Chaos lately is run around the house with Chaos in his mouth! Chaos starts to meow really loudly like its hurting him, but if Mayhem puts him down he turns around and attacks Mayhem. They both love to play with each other. And hopefully I can catch Mayhem in the act of carrying Chaos so I can show everyone how hilarious it is!

But yes, having two pets has definitely spiced things up here especially since they are both so little still. So when we say that its Mayhem and Chaos here, we are meaning it LITERALLY!!!!! :)

The Birthday Girl....

I know I need to get a lot better at posting things right after they happen! But at least I'm getting them up there, right?!?!

So Saturday, October 25th was my 28th birthday. I wasn't really wanting to do a whole lot because I wasn't too thrilled about age 28..... 28 just sounds SOOOOO much older than 27! I can officially say that I am in my late twenties! :(

Well, I started the day with a little pampering at the day spa! It was so nice and needed! Then I met my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for lunch at my favorite place....The Cheesecake Factory! It was so good and nice to sit and relax for the morning. Then my mom and Ty came into Phoenix to go to dinner with Mike and I. Ashlee just got a job at a really nice steakhouse called The Keg. She made reservations for all of us and it was probably the best steak I have ever had! I HIGHLY recommend it! :) Then we went out for a little bit with my friends.

Mike was such a trooper the whole day! He had something to do that day and had been up since 3:00am. After he got home he went straight to dinner with us. I didn't even want to go out with my friends because I knew how tired Mike was, but he insisted that we went. He didn't complain once and tried to make the night perfect. However he ended up falling asleep at Lindsey and Ramey's house. That was our cue to leave!

Even though I wasn't too thrilled about 28, everyone made it a great day! Thank you everyone and I love you all very much!!!!